Voronezh Agro Sector is looking for cooperation with the Netherlands

Voronezh is the largest Russian city in the black earth region with a population of more than 1 million inhabitants. Voronezh is known for high educational and professional level of workers, as there are more than 30 universities in Voronezh. The agro-industrial complex is the largest and most important sector of Voronezh regional economy. The region is one of the most fertile in Russia. It shows high rates of regional agro-industrial development.

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow would like to share some of Voronezh projects and companies interested in cooperation with the Dutch businesses.

Agro-industrial Innovation Park «M4-DON

Agro-industrial Park «M4-DON» is planned to be a well-equipped and engineering prepared site designed for agricultural enterprises in conjunction with scientific, technical and educational institutions, equipped with modern laboratories and exhibition space. It is a communication platform for business, science and education. It serves as a coordinating and administrative centre for advanced agricultural enterprises and associated industries. Moreover, it is a technology center of personnel support for professional training and advanced training of specialists. The Innovation Park will get a complex of unique exhibition spaces for the presentation of innovative technologies and agricultural products. Scientific and technological Park works in partnership with leading scientific, design and educational organizations for the development of innovation activities in the field of agriculture, as well as related areas. More details are available in the presentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12tE_sijDcsl1AbbzfIEFbfGZ3LfnlLRl/view?usp=sharing

Contact information:
Mr. Sargaryan Ruben
General Director
Email: info@slk-gerrus.ru
Phone: +7 909 216 5285

Сlosed Joint-Stock Company Yudanovskiye Prostory

“Yudanovskiye Prostory” is a modern, independent and prospering agro industrial enterprise located in the Voronezh Region, Bobrovskiy District. The key activities of the enterprise are horticulture, pig and dairy farming.

As of today  “Yudanovskiye Prostory” has more than 10,000 hectares of farmland including 8,000 hectares of arable lands as well as 2.200 pigs and cattle totaling 1,000 cows and bulls.

The company would appreciate to cooperate with the Dutch business. From its side, the company is ready to provide manufacturing buildings which cover the area of more than 10,000 square meters with fully equipped infrastructure and the adjacent territory for joint projects.

Contact information: 
Illia Buneev
Company representative
Email: agrots.vrn@yandex.ru
Phone: +7 920 429 9111