Colombian Farmers Society - SAC, concerned about reduction in the budget of the agricultural sector

The main agricultural association, Colombian Farmers Society (SAC for its abbreviation in Spanish) called on the Government and the Congress of the Republic to reconsider the national budget to be allocated for the sector in 2020.

Last August 13th the SAC expressed its concern regarding the budget for 2020 that was allocated to the agricultural sector, because for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development there will be 21.6% less budget, for a total of $ 1.79 billion. According to the guild, it represents a 20% drop compared to the amount in 2018.

In July the Government established the general budget of the Nation for 2020, for a total of $ 271,7 billion. However, agriculture is among the affected sectors. As explained by the Ministry of Finance, this has to do with the management of rural housing, which in the new National Development Plan 2018-2022 falls under the Ministry of Housing, whose resources will increase 8.1% according to the draft budget.

“Although part of the budget reduction is explained by the fact that both the Territory Renewal Agency (ART) and the Rural Housing Program will no longer be part of the Ministry of Agriculture, it is worrisome that the investment resources of the agricultural sector fall in more than $ 148 billion pesos, even after deducting the budget of the entity and the program mentioned” said the SAC through a communiqué.

In addition, the SAC listed the programs that would be affected by the budget cuts such as strengthening the country's sanitary status to guarantee the admissibility of products in international markets and prevent situations that put animal and plant health at risk, continuing to materialize the titling and formalization of rural properties to thousands Colombians, the financial inclusion of small rural producers, strengthening of competitiveness of agricultural chains and the management of risks arising from climate change.

Finally, the SAC called on the Government and the Congress of the Republic to reconsider the national budget that will be allocated to the agricultural sector in 2020.