Ukraine: first GIS data portal launched

The first open source portal for regional territorial communities was launched. It is the first tool for smart community management. It contains over 100 datasets from 40 sources and 13 tips on how to use them. Data on economic development, industry, recreational potential, construction, up-to-date and high-precision data on soils, crops, even weather, etc. are all things that each community needs to make different decisions and further develop.

All this data is available in different sources. To address the challenge of finding a range of data that has a specific geographical location, the E-Solution Community Project team has created a GIS-DATA portal. It combines a simple, structured, rubric of geospatial layers (GPS) and various analytical E-solutions aimed at innovative community development and filling local budgets. By implementing analytic e-solutions, most of which are built on the geo spatial layers from a Portal collection, communities are provided with tools to effectively manage their territories.

The portal is  located at the website of Center for Innovations Development:

The resources on the portal contain information that helps to evaluate fields, in particular, to receive information about the contours of fields, the composition of agricultural crops of fields in recent years, the dynamics of crop rotation with the possibility of calculating the application of fertilizers on specific fields, there is a possibility to monitor transformation of types of ground cover, dynamics, to view space images in dynamics, to monitor the transformation of types of ground cover.

Also through the portal it is possible to access information on administrative borders, cadastral division. Analysis of the content of constituent elements of soil horizons and information on the description of constituent chemical elements in each soil horizon in its territory became available.

The project was implemented by the Center for Innovations Development with support from ULEAD with Europe program.

Source: Agroportal. .