Bulgaria Builts National Real-Time Water Management System

The building of a National Real-Time Water Management System (NRTWMS) is one of a set of flood risk management measures planned by the government, Deputy Environment and Water Minister Krassimir Zhivkov told a news conference on Thursday. The future centralized system will use an integrated approach to day-to-day monitoring and management of water resources across Bulgaria, Zhivkov said. It will monitor rapidly changing conditions such as precipitation, snow melting and river flow.

The first stage of the NRTWMS project involves building a water management system for the Iskur River basin in Western Bulgaria, where the capital Sofia is situated, said Iliyana Todorova, head of the Water Management Directorate of the Environment and Water Ministry. The aim is to minimize the risk of flooding and other adverse situations through centralized collection, analysis and processing of information in real time. This will make it possible to take relevant and effective management decisions, Todorova added.

The first-stage goals are reducing the risk of flooding in four out of 116 flood-prone areas in the Iskur River basin, and improving the preparedness of the administrative authorities involved in water management. The project stipulates 14 activities, mainly technical ones. It started on November 17, 2016 and should be completed by April 14, 2022. The project is worth 6,964,000 leva and is using 5,919,444 leva in aid from the EU Cohesion Fund, Todorova said.

Source: BTA Daily news