Spain: Bayer bets on Monsanto in Spain

Bayer is determined to back Monsanto's agricultural business following its purchase for €54 billion. The German multinational will invest €5.5 million in Monsanto research center in San Nicolás (Almería).

Spain –especially the Almería greenhouse area- was already an important country for Monsanto and its research in the field of plant breeding.

Now that the integration of Monsanto’s assets into Bayer’s subsidiary in Spain has been completed, investment started to arrive. Last week, Bayer announced an investment of €5.5 million in innovation through the construction of a new cell biology building within its research center in San Nicolás (Almería), one of the four Monsanto had in Spain.

This new 3,800 square meter building will include multifunction R&D facilities, laboratories, cell culture rooms, climate-controlled chambers and new phytotrons.

Following Monsanto’s acquisition, Bayer has six R&D centers in Spain, four of which specialize in horticultural crops. Of these, the three focusing on greenhouse crops (tomato, pepper, cucumber) are located in Almería (El Ejido, San Nicolás and Níjar) and the fourth in Murcia, oriented on outdoor horticultural crops (broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce).