Rose exhibition in Poland

Roses, roses, beyond the horizon! Beginnig of May a Royal Rose Exhibition was organized by the Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw. In majestic Kubicki Arcades of the Royal Castle in Warsaw visitors were able to see over 140 varieties of those proud flowers.

witte rozen in een vaas

The public who attend the Royal Rose Exhibition was inspired by the beauty and diversity of flowers and arrangements and therefore motivated to look for and demand more sophisticated and modern arrangements with roses in their surroundings. The entourage of the Royal Castle and its Arcades will give even more splendor and uniqueness to the flowers.

The exhibition was dedicated to all flower lovers, but also to flower producers, florists, event managers, stylists and wedding planners.

Avalanche rose was the Queen of the first edition of the Royal Rose Exhibition. This Dutch variety is famous for its luxurious personality, large bud and perfect quality. Its large flower and fabulous presence offers top quality and is perfect for major occasions and luxury events such as royal weddings.