Innovative with Insects

Creating Animal Feed by Reducing Waste in Kenya

The Black Soldier Fly (BSF), an insect common in East Africa has the ability to effectively convert organic waste into proteins. These proteins are an excellent source of animal feed. Talash Huijbers recently started her circular business Insectipro, where she sees many opportunities, not only for the future of her business, but also for other entrepreneurs in Kenya.

Beeld: Joost Bastmeijer
Talash showing the larvea which are eating organic waste

Talash grew up in Kenya on the farm of her Dutch dad and Kenyan mom. In November 2018 Talash started her circular business Insectipro where she creates protein rich animal feed from insects. A sector which is very new, sustainable and efficient. In her greenhouse she makes flour from larvae of the BSF. These flies eat all organic waste from local grocery stores, bakery’s and even a local beer brewer. Since the demand for protein rich insect feed is high and there is much organic waste in Kenya, there are many opportunities for other circular businesses to expand the insect feed business in Kenya.

To read the full story and learn more about Insectipro and the insect feed business, please click here.

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