Climate Friendly Investing in Forestry & Agriculture is approaching!

Investing in climate forestry and agriculture contributes to carbon capture and conservation of ecosystems. Learn about the latest developments in forests and how to invest in sustainable forests and landscapes.

Agriculture is one of the main reasons for deforestation, there are more sustainable methods to feed the world. Recover the planet and learn about effective reforestation methods, boosting soil micronutrients and growing trees in semi-arid areas with hydroponic technology.


Monday April 1st 2019




175 Euros for attending the event. RSVP

Dinner fee is €75 each RSVP and you are welcome to invite other accredited investors to join us and discuss other (climate related) topics.

You can visit the site for more information:

Or contact the organizers Saskia Reus, Fiona Banister and James Magowan -      +31 6