Poland, brief agricultural news week 9, 2019

What happened in Poland last week? A brief overview of agricultural news.

Increased sugar consumption by Polish population, ministry will plan health campaign

A just published report by the Polish Ministry of Health shows that Poles have started to consume more processed sugar in the past ten years. Nowadays, Polish people eat 33.3 kg processed sugar per person per year, being 55% more than before. A decline has set in for the amount of unprocessed sugar that is eaten (from 16.9 kg to 11.2 kg). In total however, Poles consume more sugar than ten years ago. This is ascribed to the fact that among others more soft and energy drinks are consumed, especially by young people. In terms of weight, 68% of Polish men are overweight and 53% of Polish women, resulting in yearly increasing health expenditures for the Polish government. As a response, a campaign focused at an individual’s own responsibility towards sustaining good health, is planned by the Polish Ministry of Health.

Vote of no confidence for the minister of agriculture

The direct reason for the motion is beef crisis in Poland. But according to the opposition the minister is responsible for further spread of African Swine Fever in Poland and fall of the brand of Arabic horses from the Polish stable Janów Podlaski. He also didn’t secure enough money in the budget for 2019 ( 47,5 bln pln is planned for agriculture- 1,5 bln less than in 2018). The decisions made by the minister were described as emotional, which caused big crisis on the agricultural market in Poland and in the EU. The date for the debate has not been set yet.


Information campaign on false plant protection products in Poland

Illegal trade with plant protection products is estimated for 10-15% of the whole market which means that every 7 product on the European market comes from illegal trade. It is ca 2800 trucs for the EU and-statistically- 425 trucs in Poland. Last year however Polish authorities discovered only 21 tonnes of illegal plant protection products. Poland is exposed to particularly high risk due to its geography with the EU border and several harbors. Therefore Polish Association for Plant Protection together with Polish authorities (PIORIN and the Tax Office) organized a common campaign for farmers how to recognize and how to avoid products from illegal source. Springtime is a good moment for the campaign as farmers are naturally interested in the topic at the beginning of the season. Next to numerous press articles and conferences also materials at tax offices are available for farmers. Illegal plant protection products are a threat to a farmer, consumer, nature and environment but also for the budget of the country.

Uzbek delegation visits Poland to strengthen agricultural development

An Uzebek delegation visited Poland. There is a growing interest of both countries to participate in agricultural projects together. Poland is especially interested in the fields of production of final food products or advanced processing of produce, seed potato production, the meat and dairy sector, as well as agricultural projects that focus on environmentally friendly and energy efficient technology. Polish BANK BGK explored the realistic possibility of funding animal husbandry projects in Uzbekistan. Meetings with business representatives were held within a diversity of agricultural sectors, during which Poland discussed sending a delegation to Uzbekistan for further exploration of possible cooperation.


Grupa Żywiec takes over Namyslow Brewery

Grupa Żywiec received unconditional approval from the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) for the purchase of 100% shares in the company Browar Namysłów (owned by Chicago Poland Investment Group). Closing of the transaction and acquisition of share ownership is planned for March-April 2019. Namysłów Brewery is a regional brewing company with breweries in Namysłów and Braniewo brewing the amount of c. 1.7 million hl of beer per year, main brands include Namysłów, Braniewo, Zamkowe and Kuflowe. Grupa Żywiec is part of the HEINEKEN Group, the largest beer producer in Europe. In Poland Grupa Żywiec owns five breweries: Warka, Elbląg, Leżajsk, Żywiec and Cieszyn. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1991.