Dutch Food Calendar presents in March

In March the DUTCH FOOD calendar 2019 presents Dairy lunch

Dutch lunch culture is never easy explain to anyone who did not grow up with it. Don’t expect a hot meal, let alone more than one course. Actually there’s not much of a difference between lunch and breakfast. 80 percent of Dutch people state they prefer to eat slices of brown bread – boterhammen – with cheese, accompanied by a glass of milk. Lunches mostly do not last over 30 minutes. A symbol of Dutch stinginess or the secret to Dutch efficiency? Maybe a bit of both.

It may sound like a meager meal, but at least the cheeses are world class. Archeological findings suggests cheese was already made in Holland in prehistoric times. Nowadays Gouda and Edammer cheese are among the most famous of the world, and you may stumble over more than one cheese museum while here. So who needs a hot meal if you can enjoy Dutch dairy every day?



Good Dutch cheese

A glass of milk

Butter for on the bread

Yoghurt with fruits of choice

The recipes will be published monthly on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DutchEmbassyUkraine/ or can be found on  https://www.agroberichtenbuitenland.nl/landeninformatie/oekraine/documenten/publicaties/2019/01/01/ua-dutch-food-calendar