February 28: Time for picking Dutch fruits in Romania!

The PIB project Holland Fruit House (HFH) organised a fruitful event at its demo plots located at the Fruit R&D Institute of Pitesti-Maracineni on the last day of February 2019. The Open Days were the perfect event for showcasing Dutch technology in fruit growing and its advantages under the Romanian circumstances. Both the theoretical information and practical work demonstrated on the demo plots of HFH (apples, cherries, blueberries and red currants) attracted around 150 interested people. Not only fruit growers, but also representatives of government, parliament, research and mass-media.


It was also an example of excellent public-private cooperation: MinLNV, RVO, Dutch companies and knowledge institutes plus good local counterparts have all shown what can be achieved when “all noses are pointing in the same direction”  as the Dutch saying goes.

ICDP Maracineni - Open Days event 2
ICDP Maracineni Open Days event 3
ICDP Maracineni - Open days event pic 4
ICDP Maracineni Open days Event pic 5
ICDP Maracineni- Open days event pc 6