Flower retailers in Romania prepare for peak season as spring celebrations near

The flower sellers in Romania are getting ready for peak season as the Mărțișor and March 8 celebrations approach. Mărțișor marks the beginning of spring, while March 8 is Women’s Day.


The demand for flowers at this time can go up by as much as ten times, Stirileprotv.ro reported. At the same time, prices can triple by the time the flowers reach the buyers.

For instance, a white chrysanthemum is 60% more expensive at Valentine’s Day than it was a week before, while a red rose sells at prices ranging from RON 8 (EUR 1.7) to RON 25 (EUR 5).

“The price tends to double. For instance, if a red rose sold for 40 cents at the exchange in the Netherlands a month ago, now it can sell for 80 cents or EUR 1,” Dumitru Munteanu, a flower importer, told Stirileprotv.ro.

Many of the flowers sold in Romania come from the Netherlands but local growers have a spot on the market as well. A company in Covasna county expanded its business by 25% in the last year and is the main provider of flowers for the do-it-yourself retailers.

Last year, Romania’s flowers imports amounted to EUR 129 million, while the exports almost reached EUR 3 million, according to data quoted by Stirileprotv.ro.

Source: 14 February 2019 by Ro Insider14 February 2019 by Ro Insider