Ukraine: will the biggest apple harvest bring profits to the farmers?

In 2018/19 MY Ukraine's harvest of apples will hit the record for the the last 27 years.


It resulted in the price drop of almost one quarter during 4 weeks of October. This is devastating for the farmers who do not own storage and are not able to export directly.  Current price for sorted and packed apples is 5-6 UAH/kg ($ 0,18-0,21 for kg) and lower.  The quality of most apples is not complying with the requirements of fresh international markets yet. At the same time, premium quality segment of apples from the new orchards is growing. 

According to the expert, in the recent years, the overall harvest of apples has been increasing by hundreds of thousands of tons annually, while the Ukrainian export of apples of less than 30 thousand tons a year does not match this growth .

Having lost large Russian market in 2015, Ukrainian producers actively explore the possibilities of markets of South-Eastern Asia, Middle East, Scandinavian countries and the EU.

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