Health’s concern promotes new seawater drinks in Spain

The benefits of seawater in the field of food are transcending its culinary use. Thus, interest in health and wellness is being installed as a claim on new functional drinks with entrepreneurial developments such as “Refix”, “Siovann” and “Ocean52”.

All of them have in common to use seawater and its isotonic and recuperating approach as a base ingredient, so they are aimed at an urban consumer who cares about wellness and about his health.

The development and launch of “Refix” comes from the hand of two young Galicians who indicate that “the sports drinks are we know are highly sweetened and only contain some of the salts that the body loses when exercising”. “Seawater is the only natural fluid that contains all the mineral salts which are present in our body, but in a high concentration. Therefore, we have diluted it with 20% fresh water”.

The company was born six months ago and has already sold some 40,000 bottles through Amazon. It also has points of sale in specific markets in Austria, Switzerland and Portugal.

Siovann, another recently created company in Valencia, has develop drinks in the same line, which “help the body to reconstitute the nutrients and minerals needed to maintain the current rhythm of active life and feel good everyday”.

Another of the new projects, “Ocean52”, it is led by the Danone’s director of international marketing for 17 years. Its distribution will begin in the horeca channel in Barcelona and then spread to the rest of the country.

With a similar approach, Marevendis Agua de Mar, one of the Spanish pioneering firms in the food use of seawater, a few months ago gave the leap to sports nutrition with a range of isotonic products made of purified seawater and natural sugars.

Source: Alimarket