Trend of reduction in meat consumption continued in Spain in 2017

Domestic consumption of fresh, processed and frozen meat fell by 1.4% although spending increased by 1.1% due to the price rise. Each person consumed 47.6 kilos of meat and spent 311.6 euros.

The data published by the Ministry of Agriculture shows that the trend in the constant reduction in meat consumption started in 2012 continues.

But not all types of meat behaved in the same way. Fresh meat is the main cause of this contraction, since processed meat, accounting for 24% of total meat, grew by 1.1% and frozen meat did by 1.3%.

By species, 37.1% of the volume of fresh meat consumed was chicken, 29.3% pork, and 14.8% beef. Both chicken and beef were reduced compared to 2016.

The expenditure per person and year of processed meat was €79.1, breaking with the negative trend started in 2013.

The main channel for the purchase of meat is the supermarket, with 47.6% (+5.8%) of total volume.

In 2017, the average price was 6.55 €/kg (+2.5%). During last year there was a general increase in the average price in all purchase channels, with the traditional store presenting the less competitive price, with an average of 7.45 €/kg (+3.1%).

Source: Agronews Castilla y León

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