Spaniards buy less wine, beer, soft drinks or juices, but more water

Spaniards have decreased their per capita purchases of wine, beer, soft drinks, juices or spirits. Meanwhile, bottled water’s consumption rebounds, the only category of cold drinks that shows a positive evolution.

Spaniards buy less wine, beer, soft drinks or juices, but more water

Considering total figures (at home and outside home), the consumption of cold drinks was 203.77 liters per person in 2017. At home, Spaniards bought 144.7 liters per person, representing a total of 6,340 million liters.


Wine consumption continues to drop. Specifically, in 2017 the intake per person was 6.2% lower, standing at 8.11 l/person. The budget allocated to this also fell by 5.8% to 22 €/person, despite the rebound of 0.4% in the average price of the liter to 2.71 €.

Soft drinks

The consumption per person was 38.22 liters, almost 5% less than in 2016. The expenditure fell 4.4% to 32.50 €/person. This negative consumption trend began in 2013.


Beer consumption value increased by 2.7% thanks to the increase in its average price. The per capita consumption fell by 1.1% to 18.50 liters.

Juices and nectars

This category recorded a significant fall in per capita consumption, exactly 7.9% to 9.20 l/person. This decline has already started in 2010.


They also fell by 9.3% last year, period in which each Spaniard bought 0.74 l/person for home consumption. Whisky is the one whose consumption drops the most, compared to gin or rum both showing a certain upward trend.

Bottled water

In contrast to the rest of the beverages, bottled water category presented almost all consumption variables positive: per capita consumption increased by 1.7% to 61.37 €; expenditure by 0.4%, total volume, 5.7%, and the value of total water purchase increased by 4.4% reaching 581 million €. The only negative data was the of the average price, which in 2017 was 0.21 euros (-1.3%).

Source: Efeagro

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