Spain buys more British red meat

Between January and May, 2018 Spain has increased its purchases in value of British red meat with respect to the same period of the previous year.

British Red Meat

Specifically, purchases of beef have increased by 3.58%, 29.25% for pork and 32.89% for lamb.

According to the latest figures by HMRC, total red meat exports from the UK grew by 7% in the indicated period, exceeding 183,000 tons, with an estimated value of 487 million pounds.

Total exports of British beef have experienced an 18% increase in value, with Ireland, the Netherlands and France as its main destinations.

Total sales abroad of British pig meat have grown by 3% in value, keeping China as the key destination since it represents 22% of total volume.

Exports of sheep meat have risen by 1% in value although declining in volume. France is still the main destination.