Explore the pig sector in Serbia!

Serbia has a long tradition in pig meat production. Local producers are proud of the fact that live animals, pig meat and traditional pig products have been exported from Serbia to European countries since XVIII century.

The Serbian Government is looking at the pig sector as a priority sector in meat production. For this reason the pig sector is supported by direct payments from national budget: per head; for pure breed; refunds for investments in equipment and for production inputs. EU investment funds are also available and operational for this sector as well.

Recently, a special memorandum for understanding was signed with German meat producer Tönnies in order to start pig production in Serbia. Foreign investments in this sector were supported by state subsidies per employee. Austrian meat producer Gierlinger also benefited from this measure.

Currently the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture is adjusting relevant legislation to accommodate investors. The new “Land law” foresees the possibility to lease state owned land for a period of up to 30 years. A good business plan will secure investors up to 30% of local municipal land for lease.  Businesses in the animal husbandry sector are given priority with lease of the land.

Market intervention by the Serbian Government shows that this sector is regarded as an important part of Serbian agriculture. Nevertheless, at the moment Serbia cannot export pig products to the EU market due to unsolved problems with Classical Swine Fever. Serbian producers are counting on CEFTA market and market of the Russian Federation. Currently Serbia is in the process of negotiating FTA with Eurasian Economic Union. 

Regardless of all the support, some challenges remain: improvement of farm management; increase in farm size; improvement of genetics and housing for pigs; meat quality standards.

Dutch animal feed producers have already positioned themselves on the Serbian market, like De Heus; Nuscience. Thus, one link in the chain has been considerably improved.

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