Floriculture in Mexico: Breeder Rights Protection is the bottleneck to be solved

There is great interest from Dutch companies in Mexico, but they do not want to offer their last varieties due the lack of breeder rights protection. Mexico is member of UPOV 78, nevertheless it is looking to upgrade to UPOV 91 due to its commitments acquired through the Free trade agreements with EU, NAFTA and CPTPP.

Mexico is the fourth flower producer worldwide although the country has a big potential to produce and export more premium products, only 20% of total production is exported. The Mexican Government wants to position Mexico as a major flower producer.

Since June 2017, there is collaboration between the Netherlands and Mexico, through Naktuibouw and the Mexican Seed Inspection Service (SNICS), in order to accompany Mexico in upgrading its UPOV membership. There were missions to Mexico and then, to the Netherlands, constant exchanges and feedback to adapt Mexican legislation to UPOV 91. It is expected that the new legislation will be presented in the new Mexican Congress next September. The flower sector will remain a priority with the Netherlands and for the new administration as well.