Spain, 4th European manufacturer of corrugated cardboard

In 2017, Spain produced 5,210 million square meters of corrugated cardboard, 5% more than during the previous year. These figures consolidate it as the fourth European country, behind Germany, Italy and France.

Corrugated cardboard

The agricultural sector, with 23.3% of the total, is its main consumer, followed by food (16.4%) and beverages (15%).

According to the sectoral organization Afco, it is an industry in which large multinationals coexist with family businesses, which, including indirect turnover, billed 4.87 billion euro last year.

"The leadership of the cardboard is due to the fact that it is a material which offers a lightweight packaging solution, capable of optimizing storage, logistics and transport of products. In addition, its manufacture with recyclable, biodegradable and renewable resources make it a benchmark of the new model of sustainability of the circular economy".


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