Spanish supermarkets ask for the same conditions to compete with Amazon

El Corte Inglés advocates to sign large alliances to compete with large companies like Amazon or Alibaba.


Dimas Gimeno, President of El Corte Inglés, has declared that " we have to create an European platform to compete with the big Internet players", stressing "the urgent need" to update the distribution sector legislation. "We need homogeneous rules to compete on equal terms". "We do not ask for any outdated protectionism, but an European regulatory framework that at least it enforces fiscal equality".

In addition, Gimeno wanted to qualify his demands, which "do not mean a criticism for Amazon as a company", which he described as "spectacular". "It represent an absolute unbeatable model; we can only learn from Amazon".

The statements of Ignacio García Magarzo, General Manager of Asedas, an organization which represents chains such as Mercadona or DIA, have been similar to those of the President of El Corte Inglés.

He has asked for a regulatory framework at European level that allows the physical supermarkets which  also sell online to "compete on equal terms" than those which only do it through the Internet. "In Europe, online commerce has been boosted to put an end to obstacles to goods circulation, but the operators that have become strong are not even European", García Magarzo said.

Sources: ABC and Cinco Días

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