Spanish food industry increases its investment in cybersecurity

One in two food and beverage companies plans to increase their investments in cyber protection by 2018, according to the Hiscox Cyber Deadliness Report, which analyzes the level of cyber preparation of large and small companies in US, UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

Cyber security

Regarding Spain, the food and beverage sector is above the average for the country, with 18% of its firms considered as "cyber-experts", compared to 57% of "cyber-novices" and 25% of companies with an readiness intermediate degree.

Alan Abreu, responsible for cyber risks at Hiscox, explains that "cybersecurity awareness is especially relevant for food and beverage companies". Within this sector, cybersecurity is consolidated as a priority matter for their top management, which is indicated by 61% of the surveyed companies.

Spain also stands out for being the country with the highest forecast percentage of cyber-risk insurance. Specifically, 21% of food and beverage companies are planning to contract one in the coming months.


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