Bulgaria exports seven to eight thousand tons of honey per year

Bulgaria traditionally exports between 7 and 8 thousand tons of honey per year, said Mihail Mihaylov, chairman of the United Bulgarian Apiculture Union.

He explained that our country exports honey mainly to EU countries. According to him, Bulgarian honey has high quality but the quantities are limited.

"Bulgaria is also a transit country for the import of Chinese and Ukrainian honey to the EU. Through the ports of Burgas and Varna from Ukraine have passed 57 thousand tons of honey for Europe. Some of these quantities remain in our country. This is the other problem that is on the agenda, namely the high quotas, I would say, the unlimited import of Ukrainian honey. The next big problem is the bad honey in which there is more sugar than can be tolerated. This applies mainly to Chinese and imported honey, "commented Mihailov. Another problem is the lack of Bulgarian honey brands with which the beekeepers will be recognised on the European and international markets.

Source: Novinite.com, 09/01/2018