Despite CETA, Canada discriminates against Spanish wine

A group of MEPs has denounced that the CETA, which provisionally came into force on September 21, 2017, is failing to comply when discriminating against Spanish wines and the rest of the EU countries.

Glas wijn

According to Clara Aguilera, Vice President of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the EP, Canada is committing a possible infringement with regards to the abolition of tariffs on wine.

The Spanish MEP declares that Canadian private stores continue to apply different margins, more limited for local wines that for imported ones, even though CETA should have ended that discrimination. EU wines’ prices can be increased by 20% in these establishments.

Besides that, Canada, despite the Agreement, keeps maintaining a federal special tax, only for wines which don’t come from Canadian grapes.

Aguilera recalls that Spain is the sixth wine supplier in Canada, after US, Australia, France, Italy and Chile, worth €87 million.