Spanish butter for the French

The Spanish dairy group ILAS has now direct access to the French retail to which it sells butter manufactured at its plant in Anelo (Asturias).


The Asturias-based ILAS (Industrias Lácteas Asturianas), whose most representative brand is Reny Picot, has become one of butter suppliers for French consumers’ direct purchase in 250 gram packages.

ILAS works with the supermarket chain Systems, fourth group in France after Intermarché, Carrefour and Casino.

This situation is determined by the boom in the butter demand around the world as a result of different studies saying it’s a healthy product, which has triggered its demand and prices.

Spain, far from being a dairy products’ exporter, has historically been a territory colonized by French dairy products, a trend accentuated when Spain joined the UE.

ILAS is the first dairy group with Spanish capital, whose turnover is €700 million, 50% of it coming from exports to US, Mexico, Poland and, now, to France as well.

Source: El País

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