Grain Trade Tripled in Romania in the Past Ten Years

Wholesale in grain, seeds, animal feed and unmanufactured tobacco, a sector where grain traders and agricultural raw materials wholesalers operate, almost tripled in 2008-2016, going from EUR 1.84 billion to about EUR 5.3 billion, according to Trade Registry data.

“There are fewer and fewer people left in Romania. People are either going abroad or out of existence (negative population growth) and what can we do with so much wheat, so much bread? It is exported to those countries where population is still growing and needs more food,” Mihai Anghel, owner of Cerealcom Dolj, one of the largest agricultural producers and grain traders in Romania, told ZF.

The largest companies in the business of wholesale of grain, seeds, animal feed and unmanufactured tobacco are ADM Romania Trading, Ameropa Grain, Cargill Agricultura, Glencore Agriculture Romania, COFCO International Romania, Brisegroup, CHS Agritrade Romania, Cerealcom Dolj, Bunge Danube Trading, Monsanto Romania and others.

The top ten companies posted EUR 3.3 billion revenue in 2016 or 60% of the total revenue of the companies in this business.

November 2017