Three bears released after 20 years in cages

The Four Paws Foundation has re-released three bears, including one male and two females, weighing over 100kg each, to a semi-natural area in Ninh Bình.

Three bears are re-released in Ninh Binh
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Three bears are re-released into a newly built, semi-natural area in Ninh Bình Province after nearly 20 years in cages

Earlier, in November, three bears were successfully rescued by the Four Paws Foundation, in co-ordination with the provincial Forest Protection Department and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, after nearly 20 years of being bred as pets in cages.

Doctors found the animals showed sings of extracting bile several times over the years.

All three bears have problems with their teeth, liver and gallbladder, they said.

After more than a month of being monitored and cared for, the bears have recovered well and are now healthy, the foundation said.

Source: VietnamNews