Seasonal farm worker wanted

Andalucía looks for seasonal workers for the next harvests in view of the change in the labor market which is occurring due to the increase of work supply from other sectors, such as the retail, catering, tourism and, again, the construction.

Seasonal worker

In April, new harvest seasons start and the Andalusian farmers are very worried about the shortfall of workers. Spanish workers don’t want to work in the countryside, the supply of labor force from outside has diminished and “even the most loyal emigrate”, a spokesman from the farmers’ organization Asaja acknowledges. It’s not a problem affecting only Spain. “There’s not a single Spaniard to want to harvest garlic but neither is there a single Portuguese who wants to harvest olives”.

The improvement of the economic situation has turned the labor market around. In addition, better farm wages in France cause to Spanish workers to emigrate, “although I don’t believe that the difference in salaries compensates the expenses”.

On the other hand, trade unions denounce that agricultural workers receive low wages in relation to other sectors and have temporary jobs. For this reason, they demand stability, security and higher salaries.

Source: El País