Vigo wants to ensure Falklands’ fishing in the post-Brexit times

The Port Authority of Vigo wants to ensure that fishing shipments coming from the Falklands continue in the future, especially taking into account the uncertainty that Brexit brings it with.


Approximately one out of six tons of frozen fish arriving in Vigo come from that “strategic fishing ground”, which is why two representatives of the port are now there meeting with the local government and the partners of the Galician shipbuilders to help solve the logistics problems that the country has, in the process of designing a new port which will accommodate the 40 Galician-capital vessels that operate in the area.

Each year, between 60,000 and 100,000 tons of frozen fish are landed in Vigo from the Falklands, representing 10-15% of total landings; they are mainly squid and hake.

The Port Authority of Vigo shows its concern about the post-Brexit era, “since it’s still not known what will happen after 2019 with these islands and its rich fishing grounds”.