Umaicha green tea seeks new financing to grow

Umaicha, the sugar-free green tea drink, seeks €800,000 to finance its growth.

A drink owned by the Umai Drinks company, launched in Spain by three former Danone executives, after an initial contribution of €400,000 by its partners and the capture of another €360,000 through The Crowd Angel, now looks for another €400,000 through the same microfinance platform and another €400,000 from a family office.

Umain Drinks plans to close its first year with sales of 300,000 bottles and being present in one thousand points of sale in Madrid, Cataluña and France.

It has managed to enter Carrefour and El Corte Inglés and now plans to accelerate its presence in Madrid signing a distribution agreement with Don Pin, a Chinese businessman’s company with strong presence in the convenience stores of the capital.

Source: Expansión