US to impose a preliminary tariff on Spanish olives

After four months of research, the US Department of Commerce has concluded that Spanish olives are sold below their market price due to the subsidies they receive.

For this reason, a preliminary special tariff of 2.31-7.24% will be applied to them.

This Washington’s protectionist measure is the first consequence of the investigation started in mid-July, in response to complaints from several local producers. The Government now considers that the Spanish exporters are practicing unfair competition.

A second report from the US Government will be issued on January 17, 2018, and its final decision will be known on June, 2018.

In 2016, Spain exported 32 million kg of olives (36% of all table olives sold) to the US worth $71 million.

It is the second commercial action of this kind adopted by the American Administration. A month ago it decided to apply a special tariff to steel products from Spain.

Source: El País