Mega Image Headed Towards EUR1B Sales Following 7.5% Growth In H1

09.11. 2017 By Cristina Rosca  

Dutch-Belgian retailer Mega Image (part of Ahold-Delhaize), which has more than 560 small-format stores in Romania, posted 2.3 billion lei (EUR511 million) sales in the first half of the year, an increase of 7.5% on the year-ago period.

The first half 2017 sales were as high as those of the entire 2013. At the time, the company had fewer than 300 stores, compared with more than 560 at the moment. If the growth pace remains unchanged, the sales should go beyond EUR1 billion.

The company has only small format stores, a segment that witnessed fast-paced development in the last few years as a result of changing consumer spending patterns. Shoppers now value convenience over price. Whereas they would go shopping at the end of the week and filled their carts in hypermarkets in 2008, today they choose a trip to the store near their home or office for quick daily purchases.

Mega Image, a retailer that saw this trend coming, opened about 35 stores this year.

About 90% of the Mega Image network is in Bucharest and the surrounding area. The remaining stores were opened within a 250 kilometer radius. However, the retailer also expanded to Cluj this year.