Ten Retail Chains in Romania Have at Least Doubled Sales in 2012-2016

Danish furniture retailer JYSK, sporting goods stores Decathlon and grocery retailer Profi are the retail companies with the highest increase in sales in the past five years, ZF has found from the financial data of the companies that filed their 2016 reports.

To JYSK, 2016 was the best year in terms of sales. The furniture retailer ended the year with 40 stores, up from 28 the year before.

Decathlon is a brand that started the sporting goods market – tents, skis, bicycles, a brand that grew from EUR42 million sales in 2012 to more than EUR133 million last year. This puts it in the lead on the sporting goods retail market, ahead of rivals Intersport and Hervis.

Expansion is also what put the Profi stores on the table of the biggest deal in grocery retail in Romania, with buy-out investor Mid Europa partners taking over the chain from Enterprise Investors in a EUR533 million deal at the end of last year.

ZF has identified ten retail chains whose sales have at least doubled in 2012-2016 The ten retailers posted more than EUR4.5 billion sales together last year, and had almost 40,000 employees, after having created 20,000 jobs in the past five years. Eight of them were in the black.

The data took into account only those companies with publicly available 2016 results at the beginning of July and only those companies, which operate stores.

The ten brands to have doubled sales in the past five years are those that best illustrate how the market developed, how much the power of the brand means for the purchasing decision (H&M, C&A), what business volume expansion can bring (Profi, Mega Image/Ahaold-Delhaize, Dedeman), and what it means to open new segments (Decathlon).

The data show grocery retail was not the only winner during the crisis, and expansion eventually paid off in most cases.

Bron: www.zfenglish.com