New investments activate the brewing sector in Spain

The brewing sector’s top-3 companies, Mahou-San Miguel, Heineken and Damm, have started significant investments showing the good health and dynamism of the sector in Spain.

Mahou-San Miguel has launched its first oak barrels plant for the aging of beer at its production center of Alovera (Guadalajara). This brewery made an investment of €2.8 million in these facilities, which will increase to €5 million in order to expand its capacity in the coming years.

Heineken España has made improvements in its center of Madrid, plant that also celebrates its 50 anniversary this year. The Heineken brewery in Madrid, the former “Cervezas El Águila”, is the second largest plant of the company in Spain, where 45% of total volume is produced.

In a more local aspect, Damm has launched its new factory of Cerveza Victoria, which returns to its hometown, Málaga. The new facility has meant an initial disbursement of €6 million.

(Source: Alimarket)