Bringing green into the city streets of Warsaw

The Green Oasis is an outdoor space filled with nice indoor and outdoor plants created for Warsaw inhabitants by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The aim of the oasis was to promote green spots in cities due to their ability to absorb air pollution and positive influence of people’s health.

Green oasis poster

Looking back at The Green Oasis project...

It was temporary placed in the Ząbkowska Garden – a place where artistic and cultural actions took place.  It was filled with all kinds of plants that clean the air of all kind of toxic elements and city smog and therefore can affect human health and wellbeing positively. The oasis was designed by green architects and has served the citizens till September. It was not only very attractive but served people as a place of relaxation where they could also learn about the benefits of plants and how to take care of them. Even such small green spots in the city can improve the climate and therefore the wellbeing of its citizens.

The Green Oasis was also the place of floral and gardening workshops which were organized in cooperation with the Greenery Promotion Agency and were very successful. More than 80 people took part in them and learned how to make small flower and plant arrangements and how to take care of plants and Flowers. The Oasis itself was visited by few thousand people.

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...during Open Ząbkowska festival in Warsaw

Beside information from professionals that was given during the workshops, visitors could find out more about plants from information on small banners placed next to the plants in the Green Oasis. They could read about benefits of each plant and the care and handle information – both about indoor and outdoor plants. City Billboard placed in Green Oasis was encouraging people to “Breathe with Green”, the theme that was the motto of the exhibitions Green is Life and the Flower Expo Poland, which took place beginning of September.

July 2017 was the beginning of the 3rd edition of the socio-cultural festival OPEN ZĄBKOWSKA. It took place, on closed for traffic at that time, Ząbkowska street in the Prage district of Warsaw. The Open Ząbkowska project has been organized since 2015 as part of the City Revitalization Program. Since then, it takes place every year in July and August. Previous editions and many talks with the citizens proved the lack of green places in that part of the city, where one could enjoy the plants and relax. For this reason the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands decided to meet those needs this year and created a Green Oasis at Ząbkowska street during Open Ząbkowska Festival.

There was plenty media interest and coverage of the festival and the Green Oasis project. One could find information on radio, opinion leading papers and internet. It was also actively promoted through social media and regional radio and television stations.

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