ASF update in Poland

Chief Veterinary Officer informed recently about the 60th outbreak of ASF in Poland. The farm where the virus was discovered is located in Lubelskie region in the protected zone.

Until now the outbreaks were discovered only in so called backyard farms, but this is the second outbreak on a farm with pigs for commercial production (almost 2.000 units).

The number of infected domestic pigs in Poland since February 2014 is currently 65, with 42 of the outbreaks occurring in 2017. The first domestic pig case in 2017 was confirmed and notified on 8th June 2017 and the most recent case was notified and confirmed on the 28th July 2017.

To stop and eliminate African Swine Fever in Poland Polish Parliament passed a new extraordinary law last week to prevent spread of virus diseases of farm animals. According to the new law:

  • Regional veterinarian or voivode can in emergency cases prohibit completely of breeding of disease sensitive animals in the region.
  • He can also issue an administrative decision to a farmer in which he instructs farmer to allow hunters to hunt on his farm.
  • Regional veterinarian can order the boar hunt
  • In case of sanitary hunting of animals regional veterinarian can also apply to Polish Hunting Association for additional persons to improve and speed up the hunt.
  • Boar hunt will be allowed in national parks as well

Earlier this month Ministry of Agriculture passed a new regulation to strengthen and improve biosecurity measures in Poland in order to fight with ASF:

  • New regulations say that farmers keeping pigs in open system should secure their farm with double fence with at least 1,5m height on a concrete pavement.
  • Farmer is obligated to introduce a monitoring programme against rodents and carry out periodic disinfection in the stable (from April till November every year).
  • Farmer has to keep pigs in a separate room and secure piggery from other house animals like cats or dogs.
  • Also persons working on the farm cannot have contact with other pigs (on the other farm or their own).

It has to be stated that all of the cases in domestic pigs occurred in protected zones and the virus is slowly moving to the West.

Source: Farmer, Agropolska