RO meat market: pork prices rose 50% in the past year

Romania’s meat market is nearly EUR3 billion. Pork prices rose 50% over the last 12 months and are currently 5-10% higher than the EU average, according to market player Angst.

Romania has one of the lowest meat prices in Europe, but this year, it has started to catch up with prices, mainly pork prices which rose 50% over the last 12 months, said Sorin Minea, general manager of Angst group.

Prices of poultry meat and pork are approximately the same across the European Union. However, processing units in Romania apply a profit margin lower than that in countries in Western Europe. Raw material prices for pork are currently 5-10% higher than the EU average. Over the last 12 months, pork carcass prices have increased by 50%, to nearly RON11 (EUR2.40) per kilogram at the moment, from RON7.6 (EUR1.65) per kilogram.

Angst, which operates in the cold cuts, dairy and ready-meal manufacturing sector, reported a turnover of EUR30 million in 2016.

End-2016, Romania had some 2 million cattle, 4.9 million swine, 11.2 million sheep and goat and 78.6 million fowl, according to data provided by the country’s statistics institute INS.

Romania’s meat market is nearly EUR3 billion. The biggest meat exporters in 2016 were Smithfield Prod, AAylex Prod and Maria Trading, according to INS.

Romania imported nearly three times as much meat as it exported in 2016, said INS. In 2016, the total value of imports of meat and edible organs reached EUR643.5 million, while exports of Romanian meat reached EUR236.6 million, triggering a commercial deficit in meat of EUR406 million, up 25% on the year, the INS also said.