Dutch Horti-Cluster at Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province

The 2-day mission was jointly organized by Netherlands Business Supporting Office in Nanjing  and the Dutch Consulate in Shanghai. The aims of this mission are to get acquaintance with horticulture development in Lianyungang, to stimulate collaboration and trade between Chinese and Dutch companies in the field of protected horticulture sector.

The mission included 8 Dutch companies (HortiMax/Ridder Group, Priva, Philips LED, Dümmen Orange, Metazet, Anthura, Hoogendoorn and Jiffy. First of all, we visited Donghai Sinoflor Cut Flower Co., Punan town Modern Agri Demonstration Park , Ace Farm and Sino-Dutch Bulb Flower Co. in Lianyungang, northern part of Jiangsu province.

After that, the “Sino-Dutch Horticulture Technology Exchange” took place under the support of Bureau of Commerce and Agriculture Commission Lianyungang. Mr. Fons Lamboo, Chief of NBSO Nanjing delivered a welcome speech, and Nick Hong, Agro food officer of the Consulate General of the Kingdome of the Netherlands in Shanghai, made a presentation “Smart Horticulture in the Netherlands”. More than 15 Chinese horticulture companies attended this event.  Finally there was a networking session which brought all the Chinese and Dutch companies together to exchange views and discuss possibilities for trade and cooperation.

The Dutch delegation was well received by Mayor Lianyungang. The news went on Lianyungang daily, a local city newspaper.

There are some statements quoted below:

 “In my opinion the fact finding mission for the Horticulture business to Lianyungang in Northern Jiangsu Province was very useful and successful. The program was well organized by NBSO Nanjing and the Netherlands Consulate General in Shanghai , and the personal support we received from the Mayor and other high officials of this city of 5,5 million people proved once again the efficiency and experience of the Dutch Economic Affairs Network in China. As we know how important the government in China still is in developing regional economies and priority sectors like horticulture, we think this mission will be a good starting point to increase our company’s business in Jiangsu”.

Oscar Niezen, Commercial Manager , Dümmen Orange

 “One interesting company visited is a processing company sourcing its vegetables from their own farms and third parties. They are interested in soilless cultivation but are mostly growing in the soil with manure as they find it more affordable. So if we can show them the benefits and cost savings of growing soilless there are good possibilities to cooperate.”

“Some companies cooperated with Dutch companies before and have a well-run flower greenhouse which they want to improve and automate step by step, starting with a new fertigation units; they also showed interest in our new touch-screen climate control computer.”

Fulco M. Wijdooge         General Manager China               HortMax /Ridders

“As others think that LED is a high investment facility, however through this event we try to find potential opportunity in low-investment solar greenhouse. And finally high tech will be useful and affordable tech for real application in protected horticulture.”

PhD. Jianfeng DAI, plant specialist     Philips LED