Smart Farm Innovation Valley designated in Gimje and Sangju, South Korea

The South Korean government selected two cities - Sangju in North Gyeongsang Province and Gimje in North Jeolla Province - as places to establish Smart Farm Innovation Valley, an agricultural complex based on information and communication technology (ICT), the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said on the 2nd of August.

Smart Farm

Smart Farm

Plans for Samart Farm Innovation Valley

Smart Farm Innovation Valley is an agriculture cluster based on ICT which is a state project to promote mutual growth of the agricultural industry and related sectors by nurturing young talents and promoting technological innovations. The Ministry announced earlier in April that 4 smart farm innovation valleys would be established by 2022.

The government will set up job training centers, rental smart farms and test centers in which businesses and research institutions can develop and test technologies by 2021 in Sangju and Gimje. At the same time, the government will establish a green house complex and agricultural produce distribution center, and improve houses in the two cities.

Sangju City aims to nurture 80 specialized workers for smart farms through its project to nurture young farmers. It will also create win-win model between leading and young farmers by mentoring service and support for distribution and export. Including startup campus, it will set up cultural district and residential facilities as One-Stop service to support influx of young workers-growth-settlement.

Gimje City will build a system - research-demonstrate-approval certificate - by research development infrastructure based in the region which will advance the technological innovation. It will also transform old facilities into smart farms and simplify sales network by integrating regional marketing channels. For diversification of variety and income growth for farms, it will support to link development of functional crops and manufacturing foods.

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs launches a planning group for further systematic progress which will draw master plan in cooperation with local government, public organization and expert group. It will approve master plan by the yearend and kick off constructing core facilities and related projects from early next year.