Import taxes reduced on imports of meat, cattle and grains

The import tax on cattle for slaughter is reduced to 26 percent and for carcass meat to 40 percent, according to the government decision which was published in the Official Gazette.

(HS Code 0102., 0102., 0102., 0102., 0102., 0102., 0102., 0102. and 0102.

The import tax for ordinary wheat, impure wheat, einkorn and some barley types from Bosnia and Herzegovina are set to zero and reduced to between 40 and 45 percent for the EU and EFTA countries, South Korea and others. Flint corn and other imports will be taxed at 25 percent, excluding Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Besides a new regulation requiring imports of meat, wheat, barley and corn to have an inspection certificate was also published which accordingly noted that carcass meat valued below US$4500 per ton and wheat, barley and corn valued at US$200 per ton will inspected for import.

Those products will only be imported with an inspection certificate issued by Economy Ministry. The validity period of such inspection certificates will be six months. However, it is not expected that the new rule will prevent significant imports, as the total amount of imported goods that surpass the recorded amount is 5 percent or less.