New DHI Round

RvO announced the first call for DHI in 2018. DHI, a subsidy scheme for demonstration projects, feasibility studies and investment preparation studies is intended for Dutch SMEs with international ambitions and an interest in emerging markets and developing countries. The DHI is open for projects in almost all countries, including Kenya.

  • Demonstration projects: presentation of a technology, capital goods or service in one of the DHI countries.
  • Feasibility studies: assessment of the profitability of a foreign investment in a product or service.
  • Investment preparation studies: assessment of the technical and commercial profitability of an investment in a company in one of the DHI countries.

The aim of DHI is to increase and strengthen the number of Dutch companies operating successfully in emerging markets and developing countries. By doing so, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is making a positive contribution towards sustainable local improvements in developing countries.

The application is open for SME companies who are situated in the Netherlands or in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom (ACS-countries and BES-municipalities):

The companies:

  • have concrete plans for international projects.
  • are able to export independently (without external assistance)
  • want to cover a financial risk through DHI

The deadline sending note for applications: 21st September at 3 pm (Dutch time). Prior to an application, a mandatory Quickscan must be completed, on which advice is given.

Further information can be found here : DHI