Overview agriculture events Tanzania 2nd quarter of 2018

It is already nearly the second quarter of 2018. Several major events are coming up in this period, for example in the poultry and dairy sector. Please see an overview of the important upcoming agriculture events during this period in Tanzania below.

Beeld: Valerie Kuypers

Interested in the dairy and poultry events, and do you want to know more about the Tanzanian poultry and diary sector?

The World Bank recently published a report on the current bottlenecks in these sectors, also providing information on possible (private sector) interventions to overcome these issues! Please find more information through this link.

Trade Africa/ AgroPoultry

Dar es Salaam

04-06 May

MXM Exhibitions

Trade Africa is an international trade show held in Dar es Salaam, organized by MXM Exhibitions. Part of this event is AgroPoultry, an international trade show on Agriculture, Farming, Poultry and Trade Equipment. Categories of exhibitors include but are not limited to Veterinary products, Grain processing equipment and irrigation systems.
For more information, please see http://www.mxmexhibitions.com/agropoultry/.


International Livestock Expo


30 May - 1June

The Agricultural Council of Tanzania and the Dairy Board

Event organized by the Tanzanian Dairy Board and the Agricultural council of Tanzania, with support of TANTRADE and the Ministry of Livestock. The theme of the event is “Unleashing Tanzania livestock potential for industrialization and development”.
More information can be found on http://actexpo.co.tz/ .

6th Tanga Trade Fair


28 May - 6 June

Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture

Trade fair organized by the Tanzanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in collaboration with TanTrade. The fair aims to promote a wide range of products and services, including agricultural products.
When available, more information can be found on http://tccia.com/tangatradefair/ .

Saba Saba Trade Exhibition/ International Trade Fair

Dar es Salaam

28 June - 10 July


The International Trade Fair or Saba Saba trade exhibition is one of the larger events in Tanzania. Most stakeholders, including the Dairy, Meat and Coffee stakeholders, are present at this event. It usually takes place between the 28th of June to the 10th of July, with the most important day being the 7th of July. It serves both as a platform for multisectoral trade and investment as an opportunity for Business to Business cooperation. The official registration is on the 31st of March.  From more information and registration, please see http://tantrade.or.tz/ .

For more information on these events, kindly send an e-mail to dar-lnv@minbuza.nl