Spain: Selling cows on WhatsApp

COVID-19 has accelerated the entry of e-commerce into one of the strategic and least digitized sectors of Spain: livestock.

VayaVaca III

In full lockdown, Seresco, the Asturias-based company specialized in software solutions for the agricultural and livestock sector, together with Banco Sabadell, launched VayaVaca, the first professional platform for online buying and selling livestock in Spain.

The initiative arose some time ago, but the coronavirus accelerated the final phase of the project, to make it available to the sector, now more than ever. It is a B2B tool to energize the online trade of livestock. Therefore, Spain made its debut, in the midst of a health emergency, in a new business model with the first professional and specialized platform of these characteristics.

“There were shy initiatives in other European countries”, Rubén Pérez Sobrino, Seresco Director of Consultancy, explains, “but the real technological revolution in this field was yet to come”.

VayaVaca V

Among the main benefits offered by this platform is the reduction of costs and time spent on trade, as well as the elimination of health risks involved when animals are concentrated in a traditional livestock fair.

This online marketplace is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and makes it possible for geographically distant buyers and sellers to transact with each other quickly and securely.

The solution also has an app, VacApp, available in Android and iOS Google Play Store, which allows farmers to manage extensive bovine farms.