Four major Slovak bakery organizations merged into one organization

Bakers in Slovakia have united themselves in one organization, the Slovak Association of Bakers, Confectioners and Pasta Producers (SZPCC), based in Bratislava.


This is a voluntary association of regional producers, cooperatives and - joint stock, state and private enterprises. For decades, Slovak bakers have been united in four different organizations, the Czech Bakeries and Confectioners of the Region of Western Slovakia, the Czech Bakeries and Confectioners of Eastern Slovakia, the Union of Industrial Bakers of the Slovak Republic and the SZPCC. The merged organization will continue by the name of SZPCC.

The reason for merging the organizations is to improve the current unfavorable situation in the bakery sector. It is aimed to protect the interests and improve the bargaining power of the bakery industry in negotiations with the government, consumers, suppliers, trade union of foodstuffs and the EU. The SZPCC advocates the commercial, economic and social interests of its members and promotes development of the position of its members in market economy conditions. The association will represent the majority of the bakery sector in Slovakia.

More information about the Slovak Association of Bakers, Confectioners, and Pasta Producers can be found on (in Slovak).