LAN Team in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore

Introducing our team in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

LAN-team Indonesia

We are happy that our team is finally complete in 2022. Our current Agriculture Counselor is Joost van Uum based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Joost is assisted by the Agriculture Policy Advisor who just joined our office a few months ago, Ms. Nofalia Nurfitriani (Nofa). Not only that, the team in Jakarta also assisted by the Agriculture Officer, Vani Liesyoani Eman.

Joost van Uum also covered Malaysia and Singapore, where for each country assisted by Agriculture Advisor, Ms. Li Huan in Kuala Lumpur and Ms. Emilie Rost Van Tonningen in Singapore.

If you need our assistance in terms of Agriculture and its relations with these countries towards the Netherlands, you can contact us at each of the following email addresses in : 

Indonesia :

Malaysia :

Singapore :