Hungary: Four out of five farmers want precision tech in farming

A recent survey shows that the majority of farmers are planning on investing into precision farming solutions.

An agriculture drone flying over a field.
Beeld: ©Liu Xiaozhong

The agriculture news portal Agroinform recently conducted a survey among farmers on the adoption of precision agriculture technologies. The survey showed that 80% of the responders are planning on implementing or expanding the usage of precision agriculture tech and methods in their production.

70% of the responders of the survey are involved in production with a farm size of 50+ hectares, and more than half of them are already using one or more precision agriculture devices.

The survey also showed that 72% of farmers are trying to keep up with the trends and try out new technologies, and 43% of the survey’s participants are involved in tech modernization subsidy programs.

The most popular precision agriculture tech solutions in Hungary focus on plant growth stage assessment and automation features for vehicles. Also popular are  solutions for automated plant protection spraying and sowing.

Among farmers who are planning on investing into precision farming devices, popular sought-after applications include improved dynamic nutrient application, precision row planting and harvesting methods.

Bence Bolyki, editor-in-chief of Agroinform concluded: “The direction of the trend is apparent, precision methods are now spreading and helping farmers combat the effects of climate change in more and more areas, which is why it is fortunate that four-fifths of our responders want to invest within a few years.”