Horti Center to open in Serbia

It is fulfilling to witness long lasting, fruitful partnerships turn mutually beneficial. Last week construction began on the new logistic and training center for horticulture in Serbia. The new HortiCenter will open this year.

Stakeholders attend the event organized for the commencement of construction of the Serbian Horti Center facilities.
Beeld: ©Netherlands Embassy Belgrade / Horticentar
The HortiCenter, a symbol of cooperation, will be both a showroom and a platform for knowledge transfer.

The project stems from a cooperation between Serbian  (Balkan Greenhouse DOO) and Dutch (KG Greenhouse B.V & KG Systems) stakeholders which dates back to 2000. At that time, the Dutch government had a subsidy program for supporting business cooperation between Dutch companies and their foreign partners. They started their cooperation in Macedonia and still pursue their business vision 20 years later by extending it to the countries of the Western Balkans.

Modernization and professionalization of Serbian produces will improve their competitiveness on increasingly demanding international scene. This logistic/training center to be is an example how the Netherlands's model of transferring knowledge to farmers and entrepreneurs. The HortiCenter will not only be a showroom for the latest technologies and equipment but also a place where farmers from Serbia and the surrounding countries will be able to learn about sophisticated glasshouse technologies and the use of energy efficient and sustainable solutions in horticulture.

The Serbian HortiCenter will officially open in summer 2020.