"Strawberry" on top

Full house in Prokuplje! Together with our partners from the Ministry of Agriculture, Sector for Rural Development, an excellent practical training in the fruit sector was organized.

Enthusiastic growers from southern Serbia were very keen to learn more about the importance of healthy planting material and adequate breeding techniques in order to improve their production and fruit yields. Lectures  Mr.  Stephan Timmermans, HotiNova, and Ms Branislava Popov, NAK Tuinbouw, inspired long and fruitful discussion that followed. Exchanging thoughts and experiences with the Dutch lecturers showed farmers’ eagerness to new knowledge, that is always rewording.

The whole Agro team was especially pleased with the visit to the northern Serbia and the location of the previous lecture. Farmers implemented the knowledge gained from the Dutch experts in November last year. Big steps forward have been made since.

We are looking forward to the Orange Pavilion at the Agro Fair in May where the Dutch companies from berry sector confirmed their participation.

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