Berry fruits - soft gold of Serbia

Every fourth kilo of raspberries worldwide is coming from Serbia. But you already knew that. Besides Chile and Poland, Serbia is globally the most important player in raspberry production.

When it comes to blueberries, Serbia has the window of opportunities to export blueberries to western European market in the production gap between Spain and Poland. Have no doubts that Serbian producers are making use of this chance and filling shelves of Albert Heijn; Lidl or Sainsbury’s in June and July.

Production of strawberries is also significant but the main export markets are the Russian Federation and Gulf countries.

Having said this, one should not wonder that Agriculture department of the Dutch Embassy in Serbia selected the soft fruit sector as the priority sector in bilateral cooperation of the two countries.

With the planting material coming from the Netherlands, we are very willing to share our knowledge with Serbian growers in order to achieve the best production results and create new business opportunities.

With our partners in Serbia, Ministry of Agriculture and Extension Service of Serbia, we will organize practical training for growers in southern Serbia on Thursday, March 14th.

This practical training is a logical follow up to the Soft fruit sector study RVO financed last year and preparation for PIB project in the same sector that is in the pipeline.

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