Russian market of digital technologies in agro-industrial complex will grow five times

The volume of the Russian market of digital technologies in the agro-industrial complex in 2020 amounted to about 360 billion rubles, by 2026 it is expected to grow fivefold. This forecast was voiced by the chairman of the board of the Rosselkhozbank (RSHB) Boris Listov during the final Collegium of the Ministry of Agriculture. The most promising areas will be agrobiotechnology, artificial intelligence, smart farming and farm management.

Over the past seven years, the volume of investments in agricultural technologies in the world has grown sevenfold to $ 30 billion, according to Listov. Large companies are investing more and more in the development of innovations, and startups are actively attracting venture capital. Rosselkhozbank has actively joined this technological wave, stimulates the latest developments in agricultural technologies, organizes agricultural training, and forms agricultural expertise. “Last year we held the AgroCode agrokhaton for the first time, in which more than 2 thousand participants from 120 cities solved the most difficult problems,” Listov said. As a result, a multivariate data analysis service was created for the optimal placement of agricultural crops in the fields. Alos, a program for diagnosing the state of an apple tree based on a photograph of its leaf was developed using the method of an ultra-precise neural network.

At the end of 2020, the bank organized a large-scale conference on agricultural technologies, where the best speakers presented the latest cases in the industry. The RSHB holds events for people already working in the agricultural sector, as well as for students and schoolchildren, where, according to Listov, "new Ilons Mask" are being prepared for domestic agriculture.

National digital agriculture platform and other projects

During the meeting, Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev noted that digital transformation plays a huge role in the strategic development of the agro-industrial complex. “Our industry is a serious digital consumer. In fact, a unique digital ecosystem is being created around the agricultural sector, ” he said. In particular, the fields are being digitized, which helps with seasonal field work; services for the creation of digital twins of farms and greenhouses are provided, thereby increasing production efficiency, and unmanned vehicles are being introduced everywhere. Ministry of Agriculture supports such initiatives and, from its side, creates a national digital agriculture platform that will unite the data of information systems, making them available to all market participants.

One of the key projects in this area is aimed at increasing production efficiency. “The starting point is the availability of reliable industry data as a foundation for forecasting and prompt management decisions,” explained Patrushev. The collection and processing of data will be carried out within the framework of a single system, which is now being filled.

Another step is the launch of a digital service that will enable farmers in each region to receive state support in electronic form, including filing applications for subsidies. “This will reduce the time it takes to bring funds to agricultural producers, and also reduce their costs. The platform should become available to users as early as next year, ”Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said in a video message to the board members.

Towards more sustainable production

Digital transformation provides a basis for sustainable development and increasing productivity in production process. This argument is valid not only for the production process, but also for further processing: based on data receipt and processing, it becomes possible to receive valuable up-to-date information and use it for appropriate optimization.

Working on a single digital platform allows to reduce the cost of resources for large companies, and for small farms - to get access to cheaper and higher quality resources, as well as guaranteed sales of products.

The platform also allows you to control the entire cycle of crop cultivation from soil preparation to harvesting. The relevance and accuracy of the information provided helps to make informed and timely decisions, the goal of which is the most rational use of land and, as a result, an increase in productivity and an increase in economic indicators.

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Source: Agroinvestor